TerraSol Farms is a life dream come true.  Our family envisions TerraSol as the practical application of making sustainable use of one’s resources for a more abundant life – to experience life as it was meant to be.  The name “TerraSol” comes from a combination of the Latin words for earth and sun. By working in unison with Nature’s design, we seek not only to grow wholesome produce, but also to demonstrate good stewardship of both land and life.  This includes the use of recycled food and plant material for composting, natural soil improvement techniques, water conservation, and limiting application of chemicals.

We hope to develop economically viable use of land through year round intensive farming practices with seasonal outdoor gardening, high tunnel and greenhouse operations, small animal husbandry and managed pasture
and cover crop development.  One goal is that TerraSol Farms will serve as an incubator and model of sustainable practices; from back yards in North Carolina to developing communities around the world.